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Rebekkavej 15,2,tv, 2900 Hellerup





Rent per month:


Payments on heat:

76 m2



13.900 kr.

41.700 kr.

900 kr.

Area description

Floor plan

Three-room apartment of 76 m2 with access to its own piece of garden.

Available by appointment.

Shared laundry in the basement.

Rebekkavej 15 is located in Hellerup, one of Copenhagen's most exclusive and wealthy districts. Here is a brief description of the area and the sights, institutions and shopping opportunities that you can find nearby:


  • Bellevue Beach: A beautiful sandy beach with a large wooden bridge, bathing jetties and lifeguards during the summer months.

  • Bakken: One of the world's oldest amusement parks, offering rides, games, food and entertainment.

  • Charlottenlund Fort: A historic fort from 1886, which now serves as a museum and a popular picnic spot.

  • Ordrupgaard Museum: A beautiful museum of art and culture with a large collection of French Impressionism, Danish Golden Age art and international modern art.


  • Hellerup Skole: One of Denmark's most prestigious schools, offering primary and secondary education.

  • Hellerup Gymnasium: One of the most recognized high schools in Denmark, with a high academic level and a focus on international cooperation.

  • Hellerup Language Center: An institution for Danish education for adult immigrants and refugees.

  • Hellerup Church: A beautiful church from 1913 with a large bell and a sculpture of Jesus Christ in glass mosaic.

Purchase options:

  • Strandvejen: One of Denmark's most exclusive shopping streets, with shops, restaurants and cafés.

  • Hellerup Strandvej: A cozy street with small shops, antique shops and art galleries.

  • Hellerup Centre: A large shopping center with more than 40 shops, supermarkets and eateries.

The area around Rebekkavej 15 is known for its beauty, elegance and wealth. There are plenty of opportunities for shopping, dining, cultural experiences and educational institutions in the area. Hellerup is also known for its beautiful parks, beaches and recreational areas where you can enjoy a picnic, go for a walk or just relax in nature.



Rebekkavej 15,2,tv, 2900 Hellerup

+45 22 83 35 82



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