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Østbanegade 9,2,tv, 2100 København Ø





Rent per month:


Payments on heat:

265 m2



34.900 kr.

104.700 kr.

2.000 kr.

Area description

Floor plan

Particularly stately apartment and property.

Herringbone parquet and 2/3 huge living rooms en suite with high to the very beautiful stucco ceilings.

Small balcony facing East/Kastellet.

Two large bathrooms, one with tub.

Three living rooms and three bedrooms of your choice.

Nice dining kitchen.

Absolutely fantastic light and view of the Kastellet.

Area description of:

Østbanegade is located in an attractive and central area in Copenhagen Ø. Here is an overview of some of the sights, institutions and shopping opportunities that are nearby:


  • Fælledparken: a large park with playgrounds, lawns, skating rink and much more. There are also several football pitches and an athletics stadium.

  • Parken Stadium: Denmark's national stadium with space for more than 38,000 spectators.

  • Statens Museum for Kunst: a museum with art from the 14th century to the present day. There is also a large collection of Danish Golden Age art.

  • Botanical Garden: a large and beautiful garden with thousands of different plants and trees from all over the world.


  • Østerbro Library: a modern library with a large collection of books, magazines and newspapers. There is also access to computers and the internet.

  • Østerbro Kulturhus: a cultural center with a number of different activities and events, including concerts, theater performances and exhibitions.

  • Østerbro Swimming pool: a large and modern swimming pool with several different pools and facilities.

Purchase options:

  • Østerbrogade: one of Copenhagen's largest shopping streets with a wide selection of shops, including clothes, shoes, jewelery and interiors.

  • Østerfælled Torv: a square with several different shops, including a convenience store, pharmacy and bakery.

  • Føtex: a large grocery store with a wide selection of goods.

In general, Østerbro is a cozy and popular area in Copenhagen, with a good mix of life and calm. There are many cafes, restaurants and small shops in the area, and public transport to the rest of Copenhagen is also good.



Frank Holm Hansen

+45 22 83 35 82



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